To participate

Simply share your best work with TUK by sharing a link, screenshots or a video of your project with us. The last date for submissions is September 30, 2021.


  1. Your project (web application, web stores or websites) should be built using at least 4 TUK components (free or premium).
  2. The projects should not (in any way) display any kind of hate speech, violence, explicit content (graphical), or obscene material.


  1. The submissions will be evaluated on the basis of aesthetics, alignments and the overall user experience of your project.

Read the complete terms and conditions


Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Can I participate if I have a community license, or is it just for paid kit users?

What if I'm not a TUK user?

Can I use my components from another Tailwind components kit or another source?

Can I submit an already built project (a website/ web app)?

Can I submit a private repository or do I have to make the code public?

When will the results be announced?

How will I know I am the winner and how will I receive the prize?

If I have more questions, can I reach someone out?

Terms and Conditions

Eligibility criteria

This contest is open to every TUK user (Free and premium). The free users include all community license holders (250 Free components) and premium users include all users who have access to any of our kits (Marketing, Ecommerce and Web application). Premium users with access to any combination of any of these kits, or our All star kit are also eligible to participate in the contest.

Agreement to rules (terms and conditions)

By participating in the contest, you agree to all existing Terms and conditions for usage of our product and website. Additionally, you also agree with the official terms and conditions of this contest. See TUK’s Terms and conditions.

Participation and submissions

Participants can send their submissions via email at with “Devolymics: Submission” as the subject line. Participants are requested to use the email address that they have used to get our license. The TUK team reserves the right to deem any submission invalid without any justification to the participant. We reserve the right to not display any kind of hate speech, violence, explicit content (graphical), or obscene material. Any decision by the team at TUK can not be challenged legally inside US territory or abroad.

Intellectual rights and property

All projects (submissions) must be original work and should not violate any intellectual and propriety property rights. In order to assess the ingenuity of your original work, the TUK team will require a proof of access to the coding.

Announcement of winners

The winners may be announced a week after the deadline for submissions. Please subscribe to our newsletter to have up to date information about the contest and its progression. TUK may showcase any submissions on our website or our other channels of marketing.