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The Tailwind CSS table components serve as a holder for different components. Ideally, you should start your page with a table component, so it’s easy to position your components afterwards.The table component displays the data in a list format and contains interactive components such as chips, buttons, or menus. You can use the Tailwind table component to efficiently organize your projects’ data, tasks, users, invoices, orders, etc. The table component has built-in support for React, Angular, and Vue. The Tailwind CSS table components enable you to categorize your data by adding numerous rows and columns as per your requirement. You can even customize the styling of these table components with ease.Tailwind UI kit (TUK) has advanced table components that give you complete authority over your information display with filters, actions, sort, and search buttons through which you can filter the data in a much easier way.

table 3

compact table with actions and select

advance table with filters search and two level action buttons

undefined advance_table_with_filters_search_and_two_level_action_buttons component preview

advance table with filters, actions, search, sort and expanded row

undefined advance_table_with_filters,_actions,_search,_sort_and_expanded_row component preview

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