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A modal is a web page element that displays in front of and deactivates the rest of the content on the page. It is also known as a modal window or a lightbox. Modals are often used to divert the users’ attention to an important action or information notice on a website. A modal window is one of the most effective ways to get the users to focus on something, if needed. Users must either close the modal, or complete the specific action stated, in order to get back to the page’s content. Contact forms, signup/login forms, alerts/notices, help/tips and even an exit window, can also be displayed on a web interface with the use of Tailwind modal windows. Tailwind Modal windows also save space by eliminating large elements that aren’t needed on the main page. Simply open TUK and select a Tailwind Modal component from the Overlay category in the Web application UI Kit and add it to your project.

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