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Pagination is the process of segmenting pages of digital content, which are connected and have content that’s alike. In navigation, it refers to the representation of a sequential list of links on your website, such as page numbers at the bottom of the webpage, that allows people to skip from page to page, or newer and older sections. Adding a Tailwind pagination component also makes the content on your website more readable and easily accessible for users. Tailwind pagination also enables pages to load faster due to the less content on each page. So, using a Tailwind Pagination Component not only makes it easier for a viewer to access the information they are looking for, it also makes the user experience better. Viewers can also get an idea of how much data is available on the website. Tailwind Navigation category has diverse components in the Web application UI Kit. Add it to your project by copying the HTML code given with each component, and paste it in your project.

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