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A card can be defined as a rectangular box containing content of different sorts. A card may contain texts, images, links, buttons, etc. Tailwind card is used to display excessive information in a neat box on a web page. Most sites use cards as a temptation to the user by displaying an overview of a certain topic in a well shaped card and leaving interactive links or buttons for the user to view more. TUK has eight different expertly designed card components. One can add multiple different content in the card component with divided sections. You can also put the content in a single card to give a simpler look. Similarly the variety of different designs can be used in countless different ways. The responsive nature of these cards is what every developer craves for. The readymade HTML code is waiting for you. All you need to do is; copy it and add it in your project. Tailwind card category has built-in support for React, Angular, and Vue.

full width with right grey

full width divided into three

full width divided by right and bottom grey

undefined full_width_divided_by_right_and_bottom_grey component preview

6 col divided in half left and right

undefined 6_col_divided_in_half_left_and_right component preview

6 col with grey top and grey bottom

undefined 6_col_with_grey_top_and_grey_bottom component preview

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