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Alerts are dialogue boxes, also known as toast messages. They consist of warnings, alerts, confirmation or some kind of input from users. Tailwind Alert dialogue boxes are commonly used to notify users with a message; danger, success, information or warning. Tailwind alert boxes are lightweight, translucent, take minimal space and are designed to scroll horizontally. These alert messages are clear, and communicate a concise message and state what will happen if users interact with them. Tailwind Alerts are focused, since they contain a single message and specific actions a user can take. Most Tailwind alert components include a small icon to complement the message, which can help in grabbing the attention of users. You also have the option to overlay a Tailwind alert banner, they don't impact or hide the content beneath them.

simple with action button warning

simple with action button success

undefined simple_with_action_button_success component preview
undefined simple_with_action_links_warning component preview
undefined simple_with_action_links_success component preview

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