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Progress bars have a solitary reason – to illuminate the respondent on roughly the additional time it may take to complete the task.Tailwind progress bars are used in websites, web apps, and web stores. Tailwind UI kit provides several different progress bar design templates, including thin with steps, thin with divided steps, broad with subtext, small circle, and much more. The Tailwind progress bar have built-in support for React, Angular, and Vue. Tailwind progress bars are a usability feature used to inform users of how close they are to finishing a set of chores by showing completion rates along the way. User’s perception of the task difficulty and duration changes because of the display of progress information, thus affecting their second-to-second choices to proceed or leave the errand, making the Tailwind progress bars essential to use. Like each Tailwind UI kit component, these progress bars are also rigorously tested for cross-browser similarity. They are ready to drop in any Tailwind project and can be changed according to your styling preference in your HTML markup.

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