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A footer is similar to a document footer, with information given at the bottom of a page. It is a separate website section, below the fold. Majority sites include utility navigation, doormat navigation,or technical information in the footer area. It can also consist of links, copyrights, privacy policies, partnered brands, company information (about), and other features. Usually, the majority focuses on headers, and puts in most of their effort on content above the fold. The footer is a great chance to enlighten potential customers about what the company has to offer. Thus, Tailwind CSS footers could serve as a last resort to navigate info that is difficult to find.There are ample components for Tailwind CSS footers on TUK, light or dark and each designed uniquely. They are also responsive and have been rigorously tested across multiple devices. They have built-in support for React, Angular and Vue. Some Tailwind CSS footers have information displayed horizontally. Other Tailwind CSS footers include information split into sections.

blue background with yellow sphere

undefined blue_background_with_yellow_sphere component preview

4 category with right aligned newsletter

undefined 4_category_with_right_aligned_newsletter component preview

with right aligned iphone mockup

undefined with_right_aligned_iphone_mockup component preview

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