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Cloud sections are displays of multiple logos that typically show brands and organizations that the company has worked for, or in collaboration with. It always puts a positive impression on your users to read good things about your brand from other people (or a person of authority).There are 10 components in the Tailwind Cloud logo category that can be used in web applications, webstores, and websites.Tailwind CLoud logo category also has components for testimonials from your users, customers, or collaborators. You can show ratings of your product or your brand alongside these testimonials.Tailwind Cloud logo category is completely responsive, modular, functional and ready-to-drop in any of your projects.All of the components are built with Tailwind CSS with built-in support for React, Angular, and Vue.js. Additionally, All of TUK’s components are built by our team of expert designers and developers following the latest WCAG. We have thoroughly tested these components for cross-broser compatibility so you can provide a consistent experience across different screen sizes,devices, and browsers.

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