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About Us sections give you detailed information about something in website. It can be a 'What we do' section, brand/company's history section, or a section with the mission statement/values details of a company/entity. Tailwind About components have variations for diverse use cases. There are 16 components in this category with interative buttons that can be used as links for external pages. Additionaly, the components have beautifully arranged graphical elements that highlight illustrations that you may use in those spaces. All of the elements in these components are highly interative and customizable. All of components of Tailwind About category are completly functional, modular, and fully responsive with built-in support for React, Angular, and Vue.js. Tailwind About components are built with Tailwind CSS, following the latest Web Content Accesibility Guidelines (WCAG). We have thoroughly tested these components for cross-broser compatibility so you can provide a consistent experience across different screen sizes, devices, and browsers.

simple text wtihin square

center aligned square with surrouding images

undefined center_aligned_square_with_surrouding_images component preview

user information with right aligned map

undefined user_information_with_right_aligned_map component preview

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