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A FAQ (frequently asked questions) section, consists of commonly asked questions by the users and their answers. A FAQ page is like an automated customer support section or a simplified product/service manual. Here, users can find answers to product or service related questions on their own, without having to ask an online support team. A Tailwind FAQ section can help a website acquire a new and big traffic boost, eventually leading to a spike in new customers too. These Tailwind FAQ sections can also create awareness for your product/service, and promote them too. An expertly written FAQ page portrays thorough experience. It shows that you are aware of what customers are thinking, and you’ve already got the answer for it. A Tailwind FAQ section is an effective way to display your professionalism and step up the trust of your customers. Ideally, you should place the Tailwind FAQ section next to the pricing page. It’s where most potential customers start coming up with queries about product features, pricing plans, and so on.

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