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Call to Action (CTA) is a prompt on a web page that tells user to take specific action to further proceed to something. For Example: sign up, buy now, log in, etc. Preferably CTA has a build-up before it to convince the user to take that certain action. TUK’s Tailwind CTA components are used by top-class developers all around the world in their projects.Developers also use CTA because it is the need of users. After reading the information you provided on the page the user looks to proceed and requires a CTA. Tailwind CTA components have built-in support for React, Angular, and Vue.You can use these beautiful premade Tailwind CTA components in your project without compromising on the quality at all. The diverse components with cards, eye-catching color gradients, colorful backgrounds, CTAs with placeholders, and simple minimal design will give you the liberty to use them in countless capacities.

alternating description with cards

right aligned avatars with gradient

subscribe button with outlined input

undefined subscribe_button_with_outlined_input component preview

centre aligned simple cta section

undefined centre_aligned_simple_cta_section component preview

right aligned image with multiple cta

undefined right_aligned_image_with_multiple_cta component preview

left aligned image with single cta

undefined left_aligned_image_with_single_cta component preview

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